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Zoom Teva 60 - Clinically Tested ADHD Supplement | Vayazoom
Zoom Teva 60 - Clinically Tested ADHD Supplement | Vayazoom

Zoom 60 Caps

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Zoom (US Vayarin) is based on natural ingredients from marine sources processed during the production process. 
The unique combination of "Sharp-PS Platinum", which is the main component of Zoom combines phosphatidyl - serine and omega-3 fatty acids (EPA type). 
The activity of the compound in relieving a variety of ADHD symptoms was examined in a clinical study on children.

Zoom comes in 60 or 120 caps
Daily dose of  2 capsules contains:
150 mg phosphotidyl - serine
43 mg EPA
17 mg DHA

EX. Date - 31/7/22

Ingredients: Phosphatidyl Serine Lecithin Containing Omega 3 (EPA) Fatty Acids  (non-kosher, from krill) Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose, (HPMC) driven material Sensitization (silicon dioxide), water, food coloring (titanium Dioxide, Caramel), Carginen, Oxidant Inhibitors (rich extract With tocopherol, ascorbyl palmitate, rosemary extract), pectin. 
Allergens: Fish, the product may contain soy, Gluten free 
Recommended dosage : 2 Capsules per day , with food. if the daily dose of Zoom is not taken, the missed dose can be completed the following day (up to a daily dose of 4 capsules). 
Nutritional value for the capsule: 1 calorie 
Weight of each capsule: 212 mg 
Total weight: 25.4 grams

The capsule can be opened and its content be mixed with a spread such as : pudding, chocolate spread or cream cheese. Do not heat the capsule or its content. 
Pregnant woman, lactating woman, people taking prescription drugs should consult a doctor before using the product. 
Prior to the combined use of "Zoom" and ADHD treatment drugs , consult with a physician.

*The information here does not constitute a recommendation or indication for medical treatment