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Zoom teva (vayarin) - is there any clinical research?

Zoom dietary supplement is based on a unique combination of phosphatidylserine and omega 3 enriched with EPA. The activity of the specific compound in relieving the symptoms of ADHD in children has been researched.
The study examined the activity of  Zoom compared to placebo in 147 children aged 6–13 years diagnosed with ADHD for 15 weeks, and subsequently, in an open-label study in which all first-stage participants were treated with Zoom for an additional 15 weeks.

Safety aspects examined included blood tests, physician examination, vital measures (pulse and blood pressure), height and weight measurements, and follow-up of side effects. The summary of the study shows that in the participants who took the dietary supplement "Zoom", relief was observed in a variety of symptoms of ADHD and an improvement in the quality of life of the child and his family.

The use of "Zoom" has been found to be safe and without significant unusual side effects.

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